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  • Treat attributes in case sensitive manner (useful for custom HTML tags)
  • Omit attribute values from boolean attributes
  • Don't leave any spaces between display:inline; elements when collapsing. Must be used in conjunction with collapseWhitespace=true
  • Collapse white space that contributes to text nodes in a document tree
  • Always collapse to 1 space (never remove it entirely). Must be used in conjunction with collapseWhitespace=true
  • Use direct Unicode characters whenever possible
  • Parse input according to HTML5 specifications
  • Insert tags generated by HTML parser
  • Keep the trailing slash on singleton elements
  • Specify a maximum line length. Compressed output will be split by newlines at valid HTML split-points
  • Minify CSS in style elements and style attributes (uses clean-css)
  • Minify JavaScript in script elements and event attributes (uses UglifyJS)
  • Minify URLs in various attributes (uses relateurl)
  • Always collapse to 1 line break (never remove it entirely) when whitespace between tags include a line break. Must be used in conjunction with collapseWhitespace=true
  • Prevents the escaping of the values of attributes
  • Process contents of conditional comments through minifier
  • Comma-delimited string corresponding to types of script elements to process through minifier (e.g. text/ng-template, text/x-handlebars-template)
  • Type of quote to use for attribute values (' ou ")
  • Remove quotes around attributes when possible
  • Strip HTML comments
  • Remova todos os arquivos attributes with whitespace-only values
  • Remova todos os arquivos elements with empty contents
  • Remove attributes when value matches default.
  • Remove type="text/javascript" from script tags. Other type attribute values are left intact
  • Remove type="text/css" from style and link tags. Other type attribute values are left intact
  • Remove space between attributes whenever possible. Note that this will result in invalid HTML!
  • Sort attributes by frequency
  • Sort style classes by frequency
  • Trim white space around ignoreCustomFragments.
  • Replaces the doctype with the short (HTML5) doctype
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  1. Configurações

    Defina as opções de compactação HTML primeiro. Você pode fechar a seção "Configurações" clicando no "X" à direita, se você usar as configurações padrão.

  2. Compressão

    Cole seu conteúdo HTML na área de texto na parte superior e clique no botão "Comprimir".

  3. Arquivos de Saída

    O conteúdo HTML compactado será mostrado no botão textarea blow "Comprimir". Clique com o botão direito do mouse na área de texto e clique em "Selecionar tudo" para selecionar todo o conteúdo.